60 New Optimizations: NIO Releases Banyan 2.1.0


【Brief description】NIO releases Banyan 2.1.0 version officially. This version update includes all NT2 models from Banyan 2.0.0 and above, and the plan is to complete the version update for all vehicles within a week.

NIO releases Banyan 2.1.0 version officially. This version update includes all NT2 models from Banyan 2.0.0 and above, and the plan is to complete the version update for all vehicles within a week.

It is reported that the Banyan 2.1.0 version update will bring users more than 60 new features and experience optimizations, covering multiple modules including driver connectivity, app store, NOMI, and car experience. It also fully supports NIO Phone driver connectivity experience.

The Banyan 2.1.0 version adds an app store with over 40 premium apps available in the first phase. In addition, a browser app has been added, which allows users to search, access, and bookmark custom websites inside the cabin. It can also play high-quality audio content such as Dolby panoramic sound and supports convenient voice commands through NOMI.

NOMI has received multiple upgrades, with an average 25% improvement in response speed. New capabilities include NOMI's listening waiting capability, following speech rhythm, and intelligent conversation association capability. NOMI now has a visible prompt function, allowing users to directly navigate to specific pages within car control, media, and other applications through voice commands. It can simulate voice-based clicks, scrolling, and other operations on displayed functions. NOMI also has a new memo function that automatically transcribes voice into text and synchronizes it in real-time to the NIO App.

The NIO App's new in-car control feature allows primary drivers, shared drivers, or authorized accounts to control functions such as air conditioning, seat comfort, seat position, and media via the NIO App while inside the vehicle. The NIO App's new panoramic car finder feature takes automatic 540° photos of the vehicle's surroundings and bottom when parking. Users can view the vehicle's surroundings and bottom pictures through the vehicle locator interface in the NIO App.

Additionally, the NIO App now has a quick transfer function in the album. After connecting to the mobile phone, videos and photos from the car's album can be quickly transferred to the phone without consuming the car's or phone's data. Quick preview and download are also available through the cloud album.

Furthermore, the NIO Banyan 2.1.0 version upgrade includes other new and optimized features, such as remote car control through Apple Watch, blind spot image display, intersection information image display, lively rhythm mode for ambient lights, rear control screen for controlling sunroof and sunshades, improved air conditioning comfort experience, and brake disc dehumidification and rust prevention.

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