Chairman of GWM wins the "Rao Bin Medal of China Automobile Industry "


【Brief description】On May 16, Jack Wei, Chairman of GWM, won the "Rao Bin Medal of China Automobile Industry issued by the China Society of Automotive Engineers at the CICV 2023. At the conference, Fu Yuwu, Honorary Chairman of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, presented the award to Jack Wei.

On May 16, Jack Wei, Chairman of GWM, won the "Rao Bin Medal of China Automobile Industry (hereinafter referred to as "Rao Bin Medal") issued by the China Society of Automotive Engineers at the CICV 2023. At the conference, Fu Yuwu, Honorary Chairman of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, presented the award to Jack Wei.

The Rao Bin Medal is known as the "highest honor of the Chinese automotive industry" and is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers. It is a highly regarded Chinese automotive industry entrepreneur award. It was based on extensive consultation with senior leaders, industry institutions, industry experts, scholars, and other professionals in China's mechanical industry. After repeated deliberation and careful consideration, it aims to set a benchmark for the automotive industry, encourage Chinese automotive people to strive forward, and focus on China's independent development, driving the development and improvement of China's automotive strategy, technology, management, and cultural undertakings, and realizing China's "dream of becoming an automotive powerhouse".

The winners of the previous Rao Bin Medal have been selected from "professionals who have been engaged in the automotive industry for a lifetime, individuals who have left a deep impression on the development of the automotive industry, and entrepreneurs who have made significant innovative contributions and achievements in the field of automotive engineering and related fields.

In the awarding speech of this year's Rao Bin Medal, Jack Wei was appraised as follows: "Over the past 32 years, he has been leading GWM growing and gaining confidence of technology, brand and corporate culture. He is a pioneer and innovator of China's national automobile industry by virtue of his keen market insight, strong sense of innovation, persistent pursuit of science and technology, and forward-looking strategic vision."

Jack Wei said, "In the past three decades, China's automobile industry has experienced technology introduction, joint venture cooperation, and now independent research and development, and has continued to innovate and grow. GWM is a witness, but also a participant and beneficiary for the great era."

Over the past three decades, under the leadership of Jack Wei, GWM has witnessed the accelerated development of China's automobile industry, while also growing in unremitting innovation.

GWM has inspired many domestic brands to enter the auto market with its success on pickups. Today, the GWM pickup has ranked first in domestic and export sales for 25 consecutive years. For every two pickups sold in China, one is from GWM; Breaking the monopoly of joint venture brands with SUVs, the HAVALH6 has successively launched the first economy SUV in China. With its excellent product strength, the HAVAL H6 is known as the "national miracle car"; The establishment of the premium brand WEY opened the prelude to the upward trend of Chinese brands; Created blue ocean markets through category innovation, the first female exclusive brand ORA and high-end luxury off-road SUV brand TANK, creating personalized and diverse product needs for more users.

Since the first pickup of GWM was exported to the Middle East in 1997, GWM has anchored overseas and deepened its global layout. In 2022, it has ushered in a milestone when overseas sales exceeded 1 million vehicles. GWM has continuously promoted the in-depth development of overseas markets, established a leading global research, production, supply and marketing system, and accelerated its layout to the high potential market. GWM is changing from a Chinese company into a global brand.

The "ONE GWM" global brand action program is also helping GWM ecosystem going global. With its leading intelligent new energy technology strength and more advanced products, it will meet the green travel needs of more global users, and constantly strengthen its position in the international market.

In the future, GWM will seized the long-term trend, adhere to the long-term principle, steadily release the energy of the forest ecosystem, the whole product chain, and benefit from the "empowerment" of the operation, management and marketing system, lay a solid foundation for high-quality development, help the development of China's automobile industry, and let the world reacquaint China's auto brands.

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