The opening ceremony of the new office building of GAC MOTOR was successfully held on January 30.


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The opening ceremony of the new office building of GAC MOTOR was successfully held on January 30. General Manager of GAC Group Feng Xing Ya, Vice General Manager of GAC Group and Chairman of GAC MOTOR Yu Jun together with 180 others comprising of employees, partners and guests were on-site to commemorate the ceremony. On the auspicious occasion of the Chinese New Year, GAC MOTOR officially opened a new office facility and will utilize the new location as the starting point to begin a new journey, embrace new challenges, and move forward with a vigorous attitude to build a global dream.

Group photo of leaders at the launch ceremony

(From left to right: Deng Wei Min, Secretary of CPC General Branch of GAC MOTOR; Deng Kui, Deputy Head of the International Business Department of GAC Group; Feng Xing Ya, General Manager of GAC Group; Yu Jun, Vice General Manager of GAC Group and Chairman of GAC MOTOR; Zeng He Bin, General Manager of GAC MOTOR)

Exterior of GAC MOTOR’s new office building


A Decade Long Journey Begins a New Chapter

The event began with a review of GAC MOTOR’s ten-year development history. In 2013, GAC Trumpchi established its International Business Department and entered a new era of brand internationalization. Looking back at the ten years of efforts, through its relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to quality, GAC MOTOR has established itself in 5 continents, 28 countries and regions with a global perspective and has gained widespread recognition from global consumers for its diversified product portfolio.


Carrying the Overseas Mission

On behalf of the group, Mr. Feng Xing Ya, General Manager of GAC Group, thanked everyone for their achievements in international operations during the past years and expressed his recognition and gratitude to all colleagues of GAC MOTOR for their continuous dedication and hard work, and emphasized that "The official opening of the new office building represents a further step up in internationalization, indicating that both the internationalization team and it’s capabilities have further strengthened. But simultaneously, it is important to recognize that there is a gap between our international sales and other Chinese brands. Only by identifying the gap can we clearly target our efforts and allocate various resources. To tackle the gap, we must concentrate the efforts of the entire group to support internationalization and accelerate its pace. Internationalization has always been a strategic priority for the group, GAC Group has released its 'Trillion GAC 1578 Development Outline' for 2030, which has five major additions, one of which is internationalization. Last year, GAC MOTOR became independent, the future of internationalization must be supported by the globalization of talent and the integration of global resources, with a focus on a combination of sales and local production. GAC Group will concentrate the efforts of the entire group to support internationalization, distributing labor, and establishing unity. We also hope that GAC MOTOR will undertake the relevant responsibilities and fulfill its role as the group’s overseas sales position to stimulate, drive and promote the development of the group's internationalization endeavors."

GAC Group General Manager Feng Xing Ya delivers speech

The event was hosted by the General Manager of GAC MOTOR, Mr. Zeng He Bin, who mentioned in his speech, "With the strong support from the group and our sister companies, GAC MOTOR has been guided by the internationalization strategy of 'strong focus, promoting synergy, shared empowerment and creating excellence' and has been actively developing overseas markets, seizing time and opportunities with a determined attitude, and with certainty and confidence, our overseas business has been growing steadily, and in 2022, GAC MOTOR achieved its first year of independence. Today, GAC MOTOR’s new office building officially opened, marking a milestone in our pursuit of globalization and a fresh beginning in the construction of a new international layout. We will concentrate our minds and efforts, strive for excellence, leverage the potential, seize opportunities with a sense of urgency and seek breakthroughs with a courageous attitude as we continue to develop our international operations capabilities, refine our collaborative operations framework, and collectively achieve high-quality progressive development in GAC MOTOR's international endeavors to realize the 'trillion GAC' blueprint."

GAC MOTOR General Manager Zeng He Bin delivers his speech


In the countdown, the guests lifted the launch rod, bringing the atmosphere to a peak with bursts of flowers and thunderous applause, unveiling a new stage in the development of GAC MOTOR’s overseas ventures. The representatives of overseas dealers also expressed their congratulations via video and offered their best wishes to all colleagues of GAC MOTOR.

Embarking on a new journey and reaching greater heights. The opening of the new office building symbolizes a brand-new stage of development for GAC MOTOR and a new beginning for all staff to advance towards success. 2023 will be the year that GAC MOTOR sets forward on a vision for a new global start and with its global partners jointly achieve outstanding success in overseas markets to accomplish the new blueprint of "trillion GAC"!

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