FAW unveils advanced technology and new energy 2.0 products


【Brief description】The China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2023 opened grandly at the Wuhan International Expo Center on November 8. FAW Jiefang presented its cutting-edge products at Booth B2 of the Truck Pavilion and released its forward-looking technology and new energy 2.0 products.

The China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2023 opened grandly at the Wuhan International Expo Center on November 8. FAW Jiefang presented its cutting-edge products at Booth B2 of the Truck Pavilion and released its forward-looking technology and new energy 2.0 products.

At the car exhibition, FAW Jiefang showcased a product matrix focusing on new energy and forward-looking vehicles, supplemented by high-end vehicle models, RVs, and power domains, fully demonstrating its strong strength in leading technology, trends, and products.

At the press conference, two forward-looking technology products, "Xingyi" hybrid electric forward-looking vehicle and "Xingqi" intelligent cockpit, made their first appearance.

The "Xingyi" hybrid electric forward-looking vehicle applies a hydrogen-electric exclusive platform, independently develops a high-power fuel cell engine, and integrates an efficient independent electric drive axle, achieving superior power. It consumes less than 7kg of hydrogen per 100 kilometers, supporting a long-range of more than 1200km. By applying intelligent control, intelligent driving, and intelligent connectivity technologies, FAW Jiefang accelerates the development of large-scale models in the commercial vehicle industry, allowing artificial intelligence to better serve end users and achieve super intelligence.


The "Xingqi" intelligent cockpit has a versatile mobile space, creating the ultimate intelligent experience. Based on a 5m² cabin, it subverts traditional layouts and consists of nine major themed scenes to reconstruct multi-dimensional space. With a focus on "interaction, driving, and services," it understands and caters to users better, providing a more comfortable, safe, and reliable experience. Tailor-made exclusive services help customers operate efficiently, reduce costs, and improve transportation efficiency by 10%-20% and profits by 15%-30%, creating a smart partner for long-distance transportation.

The newly launched FAW Jiefang J6 new energy 2.0 product brings a total of 50 upgrade configurations and 52 performance upgrades, comprehensively addressing user pain points such as "low energy consumption, low self-weight, low cost, and high reliability," and providing a brand-new experience.


The J6 new energy 2.0 product uses independently developed powertrain components by FAW Jiefang, such as electric drive axles and dual-motor electric drive boxes. It also utilizes 35 unique technologies, including efficient energy recovery, integrated thermal management, and high-voltage electric fan control, leading to absolute advantages in energy consumption. Under comprehensive working conditions, the vehicle's energy consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by 20kW·h compared to mainstream products on the market. This leads to an annual saving of 36,000 yuan in electricity costs and a 10% increase in vehicle range, relieving range anxiety.

In addition to FAW original advantage in vehicle weight, further lightweight design has been implemented. The J6 new energy 2.0 product adopts lightweight components such as autonomous electric drive axles, integrated electric drive boxes, and high-strength lightweight balanced suspensions. It incorporates 28 technological upgrades, such as parallel-axis dual-motor configuration, PDCPD and ADI non-metal composite materials, and steel-aluminum composite frame structure. Under the premise of unchanged vehicle performance and reliability, the overall vehicle weight is reduced by 500kg. The pure electric 282kW·h standard load tractor weight reaches 8.5t, making it the lightest in the industry and increasing user benefits by 20,000 to 30,000 yuan annually.

Based on the present, FAW Jiefang actively fulfills its responsibility as the "first-born child of national vehicles" and earnestly practices its "dual-carbon" mission. It has formulated green transformation technology breakthrough plans to promote the continuous leading role of new energy commercial vehicles.


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