GWM Overseas Sales in Jan. Up 25% Boosted by Intelligent and New Energy Products


【Brief description】Great Wall Motor (GWM) is developing rapidly in the overseas market. In January, the overseas sales were 15,998 units, a year-on-year increase of 25.47%, under the landscape of GWM's whole sales of 61,519 units affected by New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays.

According to its data released on February 7 reporting the production and sales for January 2023, Great Wall Motor (GWM) is developing rapidly in the overseas market. In January, the overseas sales were 15,998 units, a year-on-year increase of 25.47%, under the landscape of GWM's whole sales of 61,519 units affected by New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays. Facing the new wave of the industry, GWM is following the rising tide of globalization to expand its market worldwide, anchoring high quality development based on the forest ecosystem, and setting sail for new adventure in 2023 with all its might.

The accelerating overseas development in intelligent and new energy products, with the globalization entering a new stage

Since the release of the "ONE GWM" global branding strategy, GWM has entered a new stage of globalization, achieving rapid sales growth in overseas markets. In 2023, the company will further stick to the branding strategy to accelerate its overseas launching of more intelligent new energy products, while consolidating the overseas pace of ecological expansion by insisting on brand localization and user system construction.

At present, GWM has laid out a variety of new energy products around the world, with its leading intelligent new energy strengths well recognized by the global media. Recently, more than 30 media from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand, and South Africa were invited for the in-depth test driving of ORATANK 300, HAVAL H6 HEV and other models in Australia, and they gave high evaluation on the NEVs involved. In the future, GWM Australia will promote the iteration of new energy products in a well-planned manner, continuously securing the position of Great Wall Motor's new energy vehicles in the international market.

Under the expanding overseas matrix of the new energy products, GWM has begun to enter the Middle East market. On January 29, ORA started its journey in the spotlight of the Middle East new energy market with its first launch in Jordan. But right before that time, on January 10, the company has already made an early start by establishing its first spare parts center of the Middle East in the UAE, which will further upgrade the brand's overseas services by forming a 1+N spare parts guarantee system. It is expected that more of GWM's intelligent new energy products will be introduced to the Middle East market with the gradual enhancement of the center's supply capacity.

GWM has also gained worldwide recognition in safety performance many times. In the winner list of the "BEST IN CLASS CARS OF 2022" announced by Euro NCAP (the European New Car Assessment Programme), two out of five winners were from GWM, which made the company the first Chinese brand to win the honors. Among them, both WEY Mocca PHEV (Coffee 01) and ORA ranked first in their respective class in terms of overall scores and became the BEST CARS of the year in Euro NCAP, verifying the high quality of Chinese cars with their strengths.

GWM has its global ecological partner circle further enlarged with the construction of a localized ecology. On January 9, GWM and TAG held a signing ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam to formally establish a strategic partnership. The two sides will jointly explore innovative channel construction and service patterns according to the characteristics of the Vietnam market, working together to provide local consumers with higher quality products and services.

Empowerment by the forest ecosystem: Focus on the main channel of automobiles in 2023 to promote more intelligent new energy models

In 2023, GWM will focus on the main channel of automobiles and inject new energy and intelligent technology into more models under the empowerment of the forest ecosystem. The company is expected to promote over 10 new energy products throughout the year, deepening "ONE GWM" for comprehensive remodeling in terms of branding strategy.

The sales of HAVAL series were 39,192 units in January. At the NEV Show in Haikou on January 6, GWM unveiled its first new energy model of HAVAL series ---HAVAL H-DOG, and opened a new chapter of its new energy development. Moreover, the HAVAL series was also tied for the first place in "the Self-Owned Brands' Sales Service Satisfaction" and "After-sales Service Satisfaction", in the "2022 China Automobile Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI)" evaluation.

The sales of WEY series were 1,056 units in January. At the first launch at the same NEV Show on January 6, WEY Lanshan DHT-PHEV highlighted its competitive advantages of intelligent DHT and "Coffee Intelligence" technology, the fashionable NEV design featured with "simplicity and technology", and the 2+2+2 seating layout as the largest driving space in its class for wide and comfortable experience. Its launching will redefine the large six-seater SUV market while bringing superb travel experience to more Chinese families with zero anxiety.

The sales of ORA series were 3,676 units in January. In the "2022 CACSI evaluation, the ORA series was also tied for the first place in "the Self-Owned Brands' Sales Service Satisfaction", fully demonstrating the brand's excellent services and customer reputation.

The sales of TANK series were 5,915 units in January. On January 18th, TANK 500 participated in CCTV's special program --- "Auto Landscape ---Ice and Snow Carnival", challenging difficult subjects in Yakeshi at -30℃. Its strong reliability was fully illustrated in the extremely cold environments. Also in the first launches at the Auto Show in Guangzhou and the NEV Show in Haikou, this model has well combined the "off-road + new energy" technology, creating a new era of off-road NEVs.

The sales of GWM Pickup trucks were 11,680 units in January, including 3,892 units overseas, a year-on-year increase of 9%. At the turn of 2023, the brand released China's first large high-performance luxury pickup truck --- Shanhai POER. Its unrivalled travelling ability, ever-changing modification ability, outstanding towing ability, and leisure adaptability to all the scenarios have really made the truck the off-road king, which has broken the monopoly of imported pickup trucks on segmented market, and set a benchmark for China's high-end luxury pickup trucks.

On January 16, "GWM: Higher and Beyond", the first episode of the documentary series "The Road to Being a Brand Power", was aired on CCTV Financial Channel as the masterpiece of the new year. The program not only revealed how GWM has applied its technological innovation in the field of new energy and intelligence to empowering China's road to a brand power, but also shared for the first time the stories behind the company's R&D in new energy hybrids, power batteries, intelligent driving, steer-by-wire technology and other core technologies. More than 30 years of development have witnessed GWM's full construction of a complete set of the forest ecosystem from the vehicles to core components. The same ecosystem is empowering the company to make unremitting development upward.

The turbulent tide has gradually opened the new course forward. Facing the new challenges in 2023, GWM will hold fast to the intelligent new energy development, and work harder to achieve self-development in the more competitive global market, sailing the giant ship of the enterprise to a higher level.

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